Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So ready for spring

It has been a while and lots going on.  Trying to make pieces while working part time,  being sick for most of 2 months, the kids have been sick, and my daughter had her tonsils and adenmoids removed last week.  I am praying for better weather to we can feel better and get out and play.  I can wait for the flowers and colors and new inspiration.  I am hoping to start working on some jewelry very soon.  Tonight I am working on some brooches and also some vintage inspired hair clips.  Starting to make a few sales and that feels amazing!!!  I shipped one item out to the U.K. this week...Wooohooo!!!!  I also started a scentsy biz thins month While I have Avon on the back burner.  I needed a break from avon for a bit.  I lost my spark for it and i am hoping I get it back.  I don't think I have enough to keep me busy...lol!

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